About fractal program "Raimuraito"
1 The contact with Mr..Mitsutoshi Naruse (HP: Flight From Fractal)caused me to begin programming my own fractal program "Raimuraito". Mr. Naruse taught me the following technique of programming, and I got interested in fractal art.
  ·coloring in the region of Mandelbrot set
  ·tap( ball, corn )
2 Coloring method (sine curve method) and fractal dimension method by Mr. Stephen C. Ferguson (HP: Iterations-et-Flarium24)is used in Raimuraito.
3 Mr. Arend Nijdam (HP:Het Arendsnest) gave me his frank opinions about my images. I could reflect his opinons to programming of Raimuraito.
4 Mr. Terry W. Ginz (HP:Terry's Fractal Mirage) gave me an advice about the method to stop the calculation etc.
5 Mr. Gerson gave me the informations about the bugs and dialog designs.
6 Mr. Pete Whatever gave me many informations of bugs.
7 I express my hearty thanks to these people here.

1 The Science of Fractal Images by Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Dietmar Saupe, published by Springer-Verlag
2 Fractal/Chaos by C language (fractal aes and chaos forest) by Satou, published by Rassel Ltd.
3 3D-graphics by Turbo C by Shou Yamaoka, published by Morikita publishing Co. Ltd.

1 I programmed Raimuraito because I wanted to create original fractal images.
2 This program is not complete, so there may be some bugs.
3 The several functions are limited in this release version.
4 Compiler : Visual C++ Ver.6.0
5 Program size : 3.6MB (Archive file : 1.2MB)
6 Download   Raimuraito Ver. 1.7
7 Please refer ReadMe.html which is included in download file. The using method is written in it.
8 I would be very appriciated if you send me comments about Raimuraito. I would reflect it to my programming. E-mail

1 Ver.1.7 (2002. 2.11) : New coloring method of traps were added.
2 Ver.1.6 (2002. 1. 6) : Formulas and kilt pattern were added.
3 Ver.1.5 (2001.11.18) : Formulas were added, dialogs were improved and several bugs were fixed.
4 Ver.1.4 (2001. 9.23) : Trap of fish was added
5 Ver.1.3 (2001. 9. 9) : The reversal of upper and lower sides of bitmap file was improved
6 Ver.1.2 (2001. 9. 8) : Zooming method was changed and swapping phenomena was improved
7 Ver.1.1 (2001. 8.22) : Logic of calculation stop method was changed
8 Ver.1.0 (2001. 8.19) : First upload

SAMPLE FILE included in download file
sample-1 sample-2 sample-3
sample-4 sample-5 sample-6
sample-7 sample-8 sample-9
sample-10 sample-11 sample-12
sample-13 sample-14 sample-15